In this provocative non-fiction book, “One Giant Network to Rule Them All”, we uncover the existence of a huge information network, living right here alongside us on the planet.

We ask the question: "Why, if our information processing wizardry has allowed us to manipulate all other organisms on the earth, do we persist in believing that other god-like entities are controlling us?" Could another living strategy exist that utilizes more controlling information about the environment?

An earthworm that we farm in the soil lacks information about the full extent of the environment surrounding it: the oceans, massive mountain ranges, wild rivers, and humans. The earthworm only knows us as a force of nature, not as organisms that evolved tremendous information processing abilities. Accordingly, we must ask, do we live in the presence of higher organisms that we do not fully sense, yet, like the earthworm, are slaves to their intentions?

There are, in fact, organisms that are everywhere in our environment, that have been here since the beginning, and control our eventual fate and that of the ecosystems in which we live. Indeed, microbes composed mainly of bacteria are information processors that communicate with each other locally and over long distances and long time-frames. This Microbial Matrix contains and processes vast amounts of information, far more than that processed by humans and all other plants and animals combined. Just as we have more information about the environment that allows us to control and farm earthworms, plants and animals the Microbial Matrix is farming us.

Human scientific techniques have advanced to the point where we can begin to unravel the workings of this complex microbial information network. Have we evolved to the point that we might communicate with the Microbial Matrix, and work together to assure the health of life on the planet? Is it time for humans to stand up and face their gods?